Free Patterns & Projects

How To Make Your Own Silk Scarf


Follow our easy instructions to make this beautiful silk scarf or custom design one of your own.  It's fun and easy and impossible to mess up, even if you've never painted anything before!


Click here to download the PDF.


How to Make Paper Fabric

Click here to download the PDF.

Love Pattern using Angelina Film

A great little wall hanging to introduce you to Angelina Film and to practice free motion quilting!  A sweet gift for someone special.

Click here for pdf file.


Angelina Film Project Sheet

Angelina fibers are cut from this film, but you can also use the film the
same way you use the fibers.  Download this project sheet to learn
different ways to bond the film to create great new accents to your

Click here to download PDF file


Embellishment Instructions for Sea Breeze Patterns

using Angelina Fibers

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Cell Phone or Eyeglasses Case Pattern

This pattern for a cell phone, rotary cutter or eyeglass case is super simple!

Download PDF cell phone pattern here


Rosa Pattern

Fast and easy wall hanging.  Learn machine trapunto.

Click here to download pattern and instructions for Rosa.


Free Guide to the Basics of Beading and Embellishing

Click here to download Free Guide


March 23, 2019