Angelina Fibers and Film

Angelina Fibers and Film

 All Angelina fibers and film are manufactured and packaged in the U.S.A.

Fantastically fun, all “hot fix” Angelina, whether in fiber or film form, is heat bondable – it bonds when heat and pressure are applied. Place it between two sheets of paper towels or pressing sheets, iron on silk setting for 3 seconds and it becomes a shiny sheet of polyester fabric that can be stamped, stitched, glued, bonded, embellished . . . the possibilities are truly endless! And, it’s machine washable! 

It has also been successfully used in its unbonded form for flytying -- it makes great nymphs -- and it is perfect for spinning!

Angelina Fibers are also marketed as "Fantasy Fibers" and "Deco Fibers".  Angelina Film is also knows as "Textiva".

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QuiltersTV - if Embellishment Village's video doesn't come right up, click on the button "browse video list" and look for "Embellishment Village - Tools of the Trade" and click on "play".


Just introduced! More Amazing Angelina, a new book by Betty Blais filled with ideas and inspirations for working with Crimped Cut and Angelina Film.




Amazing Angelina, Betty's first book, offers over 20 pages of great ideas for using Straight Cut Angelina fibers.


Click here for an Angelina FIBER project sheet in pdf format.


Click here for an Angelina FILM project sheet in pdf format.






Latest introduction!  METALLIC Hot Fix Angelina found only at Embellishment Village.  Thirteen new colors, 4 new samplers and a new Jelly Beans are available.  Click on photo for more information.
We carry 14 colors of straight cut and 13 colors of the crimped cut.  We also offer 18 colors of Angelina film. Both the straight cut and crimped fiber, when heat bonded, becomes a beautiful sheet of shiny, eye-catching embellishment for any fiber art project. Depending on your project and your taste, either one can brighten, adorn and enhance.


When bonded, the crimped cut is a bit softer than the regular cut, allowing for a nice drape while adding texture and dimension to your projects. Crimped colors are slightly shinier and more intense with deeper color variations. Subtle or intense, straight or crimped, either one adds unparalleled enhancement to any project. (Crimped Cut Angelina is also sold as Crystalina Fibers and Tintzl).

Angelina Film is a sheer film from which Angelina fibers are cut. We offer 18 colors individually, 4 sampler packs and the mega-sampler, “Kaleidoscope”. Just as versatile as our cut Angelinas, it can be heat bonded, stamped and stitched. Use it alone or with the fibers to add gorgeous shine, texture and intensity to fiber arts, scrapbooks, crafts, greeting cards or postcards. (Angelina film is also marketed under the names Fantasy Film and Textiva.)



Straight Cut & Crimped Fibers:

Single Colors – ½ oz. of fiber

Samplers – 1/10th oz of 6 colors of fiber

Jelly Beans – 1/10th oz of 14 colors of fiber (straight cut) or 13 colors (crimped cut)



Single colors -- 4 inch by 5 foot roll

Sampler packs -- 3 feet each of 3 colors

Kaleidoscope – 3 feet each of 18 colors


Angelina is also available in bulk. Please click on the "Bulk Angelina" link at the top of this page for colors and pricing.

Though we tried our best, Angelina is extremely hard to photograph. It changes color in different lighting and it changes color when you fuse it!

February 17, 2019